Where was Vincent van Gogh born?

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853, the 30th of March , in the north of Bravant, a cold and humid part of the north of Holland. The town where Vincent was born was called Groot-Zunder. Groot-Zunder was a small farmers town in the north of the Netherlands. The father […]

Vincent Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Vincent Van Gogh Museum is in Amsterdam. There we can see the large collection of exquisite paintings of our favorite artist. The Van Gogh museum was inaugurated in 1973 and has two sides, first on the street was the work of Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (1888-1964) and the second finished in […]

Van Gogh ear

The fact that Vincent Van Gogh had his sliced off made him more popular in our time. Without a doubt, Vincent Van Gogh is the most popular painter of the Post-impressionism and modern area. What happend to his ear? In Christmas Eve 1889, Vincent was having dinner with his friend […]

Vincent Van Gogh Timeline

1853.- Vincent van Gogh was born the 30th of March in Groot-Zundert, Holland. Napoleon III proclaims in France the II Empire. 1864.- Vincent went to school in Zevenbergen. He learns French, English and German and begins drawing for the first time. 1869.- After school, Vincent was an apprenticed in Goupil […]

Theo van Gogh – Vincent’s Brother

Vincent’s brother, Theo, was born on 1 May, 1857. Theo was the best friend and the main support of Vincent during the dificiles years in which he was dedicated to paint continuously and did not sell any picture. He worked for the company Goulpin & Cia first in Brussels and […]

The Life of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born in Holland the 30th of March 1853. Vincent Van Gogh was the older of the six children of a protestant pastor. He maintained with his brother Theo, four years smaller than he, a relation that would be determining in his existence and his artistic […]

History of Vincent Van Gogh

The history of Vincent Van Gogh is the story of a lonely man in a desperate search for love and recognition. He worked really hard in his short life. In about ten years dedicated to painting, he manage to paint about eight hundred paintings. Vincent Van Gogh is a Dutch […]

Vincent The Man

Vincent Van Gogh was a very sensitive artist and an emotional man who spent his life searching for love and recognition to his talent as a painter. He is probably the most famous painter in the world, because of his peculiar biography: the fact that history says that he cut […]

Fact about Vincent Van Gogh

There is a fact that Van Gogh suffered in life emotionally and economically. He depended on his brother Theo, who felt so guilty for not trying harder to sell his brother’s paintings, that he died six months after Vincent committed suicide. It is a fact also that Vincent Van Gogh […]

When was van Gogh born and when did he die?

Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born the 30th of March 1853 in Groot-Zundert, Septentrional Bravant, Holland. He died the afternoon of the 27th of July 1890 in Auver-sur-Oise, France. Vincent died because of the wounds he had in his chest of gun shots. Vincent Van Gogh It is important to […]