Vincent The Man

Vincent Van Gogh was a very sensitive artist and an emotional man who spent his life searching for love and recognition to his talent as a painter.

He is probably the most famous painter in the world, because of his peculiar biography: the fact that history says that he cut his own ear and killed himself when he was only 37 years old makes him a very excentric and interestic man to read his biography.

He was in love many times in his life, but never manage to create the loving family he dreamed off. His brother, Theo instead was luckier to find a wife and have a child, who he called Vincent, like the lovely uncle.

Vincent was very unsecure about his future when he found out that his brother, who was paying for hisliving expenses, was getting married. It was then when his dramatic anxiety grew, Vincent couldn’t help feeling guilty by taking money of hi brother, who had a family to support and was going thrpugh some financial difficulties. Even so, they went through the difficult times together, like the best friends and brothers, Theo didn’t allow his wife or friends to get in between him and his beloved brother.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent begins a relationship with a neighbour’s daughter, Margot Begemann. Both families are opposed to their plan to marry and, in despair, Margot attempts to poison herself. Vincent is extremely distressed as this relationship ends, but continues his work and strikes up a friendship with Anton C. Kerssemakers (1846-1926), a tanner and art enthusiast. They spend much time together, discussing art and visiting museums.

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