The Masterpieces

We cannot deny the genius of Vincent Van Gogh. Proof of it is the great work that has left us for our delight. Try to talk about his masterpieces is a very ambicious for such small space we have, so let’s just mention the most popular paintings he created. The […]

Irises, Saint-Remy, 1889

Irises, Saint-Remy, 1889 Vincent was dutch, so he loved flowers, like the other dutch painters. In the irises that he painted he showed his domain of colours, the uses of yellows and blues in the different Irises paintings is absolute genial. The different compositions in the different painting of these […]

Avenue Of Luxembourg Gardens

Oil on canvas. Painted in 1884, Nuenen.  At the moment this painting is exposed in a Museum Münich. Description of the painting: Van Gogh painted this scene of people taking a walk under the clear light of the sun, during his first summer in Paris. The avenue in diagonal divides the pictorial […]

The Cottage

Oil on canvas. Painted in 1885, Nuenen. Staedelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie, Frankfurt.  Description of the painting: The figures, the house and the landscape are intermingled with their earthy colour tones. and they are smoothed with clear accents. The delicate lines and the heavy strokes testify an application of the colour […]

Farmers planting potatoes

Painted in 1884, Nuenen. At the moment this painting is exposed at the Van der Heydt Museum Wuppertal. Somebody ordered this picture to Vincent to decorate a dining room. An ox that throws of the plow, the farmer that guides it and the woman who seeds potatoes cross the first plane […]

The Bedroom at Arles

Vincent bedroom in Arlés. Vincent Van Gogh painted his bedroom in Arlés in 1889, now is exposed in the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam. In his notes, the artist wrote that he wanted to represent in this paintings rest and peace, but the intensive colours and the instability and rounded […]

The Church at Auvers-Sur-Oise

Vincent Van Gogh painted the Church at Auvers in 1890. Today this oil on canvas is exposed in the Orsay Museum in Paris. The Auvers-sur- oise church: everything is threatened by a cataclysm; the sky with eddies of blue spots, the gothic church that seems to crumble,a scene that lurches […]

The Postman Roulin, 1888

Painted at the beginning of August 1888 in Arles. Exposed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA. Is an oil on canvas, 81.2 x 65.3 cms. Vincent Van Gogh. The postman Joseph Roulin was a very good friend of Vincent Van Gogh in Arles. Vincent did six portraits […]

The Sunflower Paintings

At the end of the XIX Century, the sunflowers were very much appreciated as decorative flowers. The symbolized the desire to live and the idealism. Sunflowers also were one of the favourite motives for painting. Van Gogh first saw paintings of sunflowers when he was studying the classics of Barroco […]

Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Potraits

Self portrait painted in 1887 by Vincent Van Gogh is an oil on canvas 41 x 32.5 cm, exposed in The Art Institute of Chicago. In the spring 1886, Vincent Van Gogh goes to the art capital of the world in those times, Paris. He went to art school where […]