Inspiration of Others and Influences in Paris

“Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model”. —Vincent Van Gogh

There is no doubt that when Vincent Van Gogh moved to Paris in 1886 that he was deeply influenced by the landscapes’ the people’ and especially other artists. Vincent learned much about himself while in Paris’ and while impressionists were influencing him’ his artistic ability was growing as well. Van Gogh was most notably inspired and influenced by the now well-known Monet’ Renoir’ Sisley’ Pissarro’ Signac’ and Seurat.

After meeting these established artists’ Van Gogh began getting more adventurous and bold with his use of color’ for the first time.

Seemingly overnight’ Van Gogh’s approach to his work and his style went from quite dark’ to very vibrant and alive. No more was the peasant burning weeds in the field; instead his paintings leaned towards lovers in a park and more romantic settings.

Vincent’s Self Portrait done in late 1886 early 1887 is definitely a great reflection of his changing style. The technique of Vincent’s style in this painting are more of the Pointillist style for sure’ and are typical of other portraits painted during this time. Though Vincent was incorporating a bit of the Pointillist style employed by others such as Georges Seurat’ Vincent worked to make it his own. This portrait definitely depicts what techniques Vincent was attempting to make his own at the time’ especially since he had just begun to get to know all of these influential artists.

Yet’ the Self Portrait with Pipe and Glasses done in early 1887 reveals a different sort of portrait’ one that is a bit softer but still captures life with just a bit of color. This painting seems to have much depth’ possibly because Vincent was finding depth in himself as a man and an artist during this time. Each self-portrait that Vincent Van Gogh did of himself was substantially different from the last’ perhaps it’s because he wanted to try a new technique’ and perhaps it had to do with how he viewed himself at the time of the painting.

A Pair of Shoes was another painting done in early 1887 and shows the evolving style and experimentation that Vincent Van Gogh practiced during this time. The image is bold’ though simple’ but bold and simple in a way far different from his early works of peasants and landscapes.

Influenced by new people and styles’ Vincent was a work in progress at this stage and was definitely cranking out some beautiful pieces of art’ though each one seemed drastically different from the last.



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