Farmers planting potatoes

Painted in 1884, Nuenen.

At the moment this painting is exposed at the Van der Heydt Museum Wuppertal.

Somebody ordered this picture to Vincent to decorate a dining room.

An ox that throws of the plow, the farmer that guides it and the woman who seeds potatoes cross the first plane from right to left.

The oblong format of the picture is divided in horizontal strips, whose solid contours only are interrupted by the image of the farmer and its twig and a small tree.

A line of orange colour that represents the light of the sun on the horizon gives a great expresivity to the picture. The predilection of Van Gogh by the simple rural population is one of the characteristics of his works in Nuenen.

Description of the painting:
An oblique view of the corner of a dark room with a loom while the weaver does his work. Through the window we can appreciate the landscape in the background, a medieval towel and a woman farmer working in the fields.

The contrast between the darkness of the room where the weaver is working and the light outside the window make us realize the sadness of the life in the dark room of the poor weaver.

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