Fact about Vincent Van Gogh

There is a fact that Van Gogh suffered in life emotionally and economically.

He depended on his brother Theo, who felt so guilty for not trying harder to sell his brother’s paintings, that he died six months after Vincent committed suicide.

It is a fact also that Vincent Van Gogh had his ear cut, the popular version being that he cut himself after a big fight with Paul Gaugin in Christmas Eve 1888 in the Yellow House in Arles, but is it really true?

A German historian specializing in Van Gogh researched the story discovering very some interesting facts that could change the popular story. Apparently Vincent and Paul Gaugin shared interest in a prostitute of the local brothel, but that fact was just one reason for their disputes.

They held different views about art and Gaugin was not excited about the “Impressionists of the South”, group of painters that Vincent wanted in Arles.

They painted together side by side and at night after a few drinks the fights started. It is possible that the facts were completely different that the official version about the cut ear. Gaugin was an expert in fencing, the night of the big fight he left the house and Vincent followed him with a knife. Paul Gaugin controlled Van Gogh and nothing happened then, but after he might have taken his sword and sliced the ear of Vincent. Paul Gaugin left Arles that night and took his sword with him, but nothing else. It was also Gaugin who told Theo about the situation with the cut ear. Vincent was so drunk that he did not know what’s happened, he took his cut ear to the brothel and then went back home.

The day after, his brother was there taking care of him. Everybody assumed that Van Gogh cut his own ear, but he never admitted that. In fact, he never talked to Theo or anybody about what’s happened that Christmas Eve in Arles.

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