History of Vincent Van Gogh

The history of Vincent Van Gogh is the story of a lonely man in a desperate search for love and recognition. He worked really hard in his short life. In about ten years dedicated to painting, he manage to paint about eight hundred paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh is a Dutch post impressionist painter. He lived in France most of his life and his work influenced in a decisive way the expressionist movement.

We can tell the history of Vincent Van Gogh because of the amazing number of letters that have been kept. He wrote more than 700 letters to his brother Théo (published in 1911). They constitute an extraordinary document on the life of the artist and of his production of near 750 pictures and 1600 drawings.

French painter Chaïm Soutine and the German painters Oskar Kokoschka, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Emil Nolde were totally influence by the work of Van Gogh.

In 1973 the Museum Vincent van Gogh was opened in Amsterdam and contains more than a thousand paintings, drawings and letters of the artist.

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