Van Gogh’s Chair

The Chair of Van Gogh (1888)

Oil on canvas painted in 1888 by Vincent Van Gogh, exposed in the National Gallery of London.

Vincent Van Gogh transformed a simple motif of dead nature into a brilliant composition of colours, surfaces, oblique planes and a numerous lines.

The lines very marked to create a rested and harmonious picture.

The description of the painting is a simple yellow chair and a pipe in a corner of a room with rustic red tiles.

At the end we can appreciate a box with onion buds, where he sign his first name like always.

While Paul Gaugin was staying at the Arles house with Vincent, they decided to paint a chair. Both paintings are very good but completely different. Vincent had develop his own style, while Gaugin was trying to influence him with his paintings techniques, more decorative and less expressive. Vincent painted his chair and Gaugin painted his own chair as well. The idea brought some arguments about the best style or way of painting. The period of discord between the two men.

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