Postman Roulin – Analysis

“I should like to do portraits which will appear as revelations to people in a hundred years’ time.” Vincent Van Gogh penned those words in 1890, more than a century ago, in a letter to his sister. This artist has indeed captured the souls of seekers of truth and beauty […]

Irises – Analysis

“I have made a series of colour studies in painting, simply flowers.” –van Gogh Far from a tragedy, Vincent van Gogh’s life and legacy represent a passion for beauty and man’s ability to superimpose order on a universe of seeming chaos. Nowhere is the artist’s joyful mastery of painting more […]

Van Gogh’s Self Portraits – Analysis

“…it is difficult to know yourself, but it isn’t easy to paint oneself either.” –Vincent van Gogh From 1885 through 1890, van Gogh painted at least 30 self-portraits, an amazing number of likenesses to complete in such a short time span. They represent his most active years as a master […]

Dr. Gachet – Analysis

“There are modern heads that may be looked at for a long time, and that may perhaps be looked back on with longing a hundred years later.” –van Gogh, 1890 In 1990 a Japanese businessman paid 82.5 million dollars for van Gogh’s “Portrait of Dr. Gachet,” a record-breaking art auction […]

Bedroom at Arles – Analysis

“In a word, looking at the picture ought to rest the brain, or rather the imagination.” Vincent van Gogh’s “Bedroom at Arles,” painted in 1889, was intended to be symbolic of restful peace. A glance at this painting, buzzing with energy and filled with oddities, gives the viewer just the […]

Van Gogh drawing in Nuenen

A mass production of drawings ! The production of drawings he made in Nuenen is impressive. He drew everything he saw, everything that surrounded him. He drew workers and farmers, he drew urban scenes, landscapes, interiors, dead natures and all type of objects, always humblest. Vincent was practising his future […]

Field of Poppies (Auvers)

Field of poppies, 1889 Author: Vincent Van Gogh. Museum: Kunsthalle de Bremen. Characteristic: oil on canvas 71 xs 91 cm. Style: Neo-Impresionismo. Vincent observes an interesting recovery in his disease – no longer he undergoes frequent crises, eating and sleeping well – incorporates the color to his works as we […]

Van Gogh’s Earliest Masterpiece: The Potato Eaters, 1885

  “Some see beauty in it, precisely because the characters are so genuine.” –Theo van Gogh Just a few months before van Gogh moved to Antwerp, with the resulting expansion of his color palette, he painted his first major work, “The Potato Eaters.” It is a work both heavily reminiscent […]

Analysis of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Starry Night represents all the drama of a man anxious of communication and integration into nature. The previous year, in Arles, Vincent had a terrible argument with his best friend, Gaugin. As an act of desperation he cut off his right ear. After this horrible time in his life, the […]