The Masterpieces

We cannot deny the genius of Vincent Van Gogh. Proof of it is the great work that has left us for our delight. Try to talk about his masterpieces is a very ambicious for such small space we have, so let’s just mention the most popular paintings he created.

The sunflowers are so expressive that they seem to twist in themselves. In his beginnings the Potato Eaters are of an extreme boldness. In spite of following the impresionist movement, Vincent Van Gogh impelled his carreer to a personal land of expression through the color and the powerful strokes.

Many of his simple people portraits are considered masterpieces.

The most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh are the following:

  • Sunflowers: Vincent painted many different types of sunflowers, his favourite flowers. When he died his brother put loads of sunflowers over his tumb. One of these Sunflowers painting, sold for a amazing 36.225.000 $ in London the 30th of March 1897. It was the fourteen sunflowers in vase (1889) oil on canvas, that belongs to Yasuda Fire & Marine, Insurance Company in Tokio.
  • Starry Night: This magnificent picture was painted in Saint-Rèmy, while Van Gogh was hospitalized there. Is a nocturnal scene, with an incredible sky full of waving stars. In the background we see the sleepy town. This painting is widely appreciated as a genious masterpiece.
  • Irises: Maybe not as popular as the Sunflowers, but definately worth mention them. Like the Sunflowers, Vincent painted several pictures with Irises, he loved nature and flowers. One of these Irises sold for an astronomic price of 49.000.000$.
  • His bedroom in Arles: Vincent Van Gogh painted his bedroom in Arlés in 1889, now is exposed in the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam.
  • Potato Eaters: Potato Eaters of Van Gogh is painted in Nuenen. In this period of his life the painted a lot of dead nature motive paintings, interior spaces and pictures of figures.
  • Dr. Gachet: Vincent painted several portrats of his friend Dr. Gachet, in Auvers, a few months before he died of several gun wounds in his chest in 1890.

And some others:

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