The Bedroom at Arles

Vincent bedroom in Arlés. Vincent Van Gogh painted his bedroom in Arlés in 1889, now is exposed in the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam.

In his notes, the artist wrote that he wanted to represent in this paintings rest and peace, but the intensive colours and the instability and rounded shapes of the objects suggests the restlessness of its temperament. Vincent Van Gogh painted different versions of his bedroom in Arlés in the yellow house. The difference between one to another are precisely the amount of paintings he hang on the walls. The idea of the artists was to fix up the yellow house to allow his guest to stay in the most beautiful room in the house, like he would say in a letter to his brother Theo. Paul Gaugin went to Arlés and stayed with him in the yellow house, as Vincent was feeling very lonely in Provenza

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