Introduction to his Life Story

The life of Van Gogh is one that has gotten much attention since his death. He was said to be a peculiar man one that was very thoughtful and turned inward more than outward. Much has been made in retrospect of his letter writing paintings without a known meaning or inspiration and the seemingly manic manner in which he was able to paint more than eight hundred paintings by the end of his short life.

While we may never know exactly who Vincent Van Gogh really was this is an attempt to document his life as a man and an accomplished artist. Vincent Van Gogh was a very emotional man and his emotions affected every stroke of every painting in an interesting and hauntingly beautiful way. Unlike many painters each painting by Vincent Van Gogh overflows with obvious emotion and meaning.

Vincent Van Gogh was generally looked upon as an odd man eccentric or troubled. Most of his odd behavior even obsessive behavior was a direct result of the need to be loved and accepted something which Vincent Van Gogh had a hard time feeling. Had it not been for his brother he may have never felt truly loved at all. While his art may not have been appreciated during his lifetime it has left us with enough inspiration and insight to feed the artist in all of us. His work also leaves us wishing he had lived longer to contribute more of his beautiful work to this world.


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