Impressionism influence on Vincent Van Gogh

When Vincent Van Gogh moved to Paris he met with impressionist painters who, during that period, were to have a great influence on his work. There is no doubt that when Vincent Van Gogh moved to Paris in 1886 he was deeply influenced by the landscapes, the people, and especially […]

Who influenced Vincent van Gogh?

During his life Vincent Van Gogh was influenced by different artist. His first big influence was Millet, dutch painter of the famous Angelus. He also admired Rembrandt very mcuh, who in his period of realism could have being an influence. When Vincent went to live to Paris, he met a […]

Biography of Vincent Van Gogh – Part 3

Life in Arles Vincent decides to go towards Provenza, the south of France in search of more color and more sun. In February of 1888 with Theo’s help, Vincent arrives at the village of Arles. Vincent first painted winter scenes, and soon he painted fruit trees in flower, and flowers, […]

Biography of Vincent Van Gogh – Part 2

Beginnings as an artist ! In this beginnings as a Realism follower, his use of the colour was very different. Dark earthy colours, greys and browns, all used to expressed the sad and dark times of the lives of the poor people around him. Van Gogh decided to look for […]

Biography of Vincent Van Gogh – Part 1

In 1853, the 30th of March Vincent Van Gogh was born in the north of Bravant, a cold and humid part of the north of Holland. A year before the exact same date, the Van Gogh family lost a child they called Vincent Willem. A year later in their home […]