Who influenced Vincent van Gogh?

During his life Vincent Van Gogh was influenced by different artist. His first big influence was Millet, dutch painter of the famous Angelus.

He also admired Rembrandt very mcuh, who in his period of realism could have being an influence.

When Vincent went to live to Paris, he met a group pf impressionist (Toulouse-Latrec. Bernard, Paul Gaugin…) who also influenced him.
Vincent is consider the pioneer of the postimpressionism and the new modern art.

But. it is important to say, that even so, he was influenced by the above mentioned artists, Vincent Van Gogh developed a very personal style. He had his own way of expressiong himself through colours and the electric strokes. We could say he always moved to his own style.

After he died, the german postimpressionist and modern artists were clearly influenced by our beloved Vincent Van Gogh.

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