Vincent Van Gogh Timeline

1853.- Vincent van Gogh was born the 30th of March in Groot-Zundert, Holland. Napoleon III proclaims in France the II Empire.

1864.- Vincent went to school in Zevenbergen. He learns French, English and German and begins drawing for the first time.

1869.- After school, Vincent was an apprenticed in Goupil & Cie, art dealers from Paris with a branch established in the Hague by his Uncle “Cent”.

1872.- Vincent and his brother, Theo get closer when Theo went to visit him and began a friendship that would last until the end of their lives. They also began a lifelong correspondence which today is the best source of information while studying Vincent’s opinions, feelings and state of mind.

1873.- Vincent is transferred to the London branch of Goupil & Cie. He visits the museums and galleries and expands his knowledge of art. In the summer, Vincent falls in love with the daughter of the Mrs. Ursula Loyer, who runs the boarding house where he is staying. He proposed to her and she rejected him several times, what made him extremely depressed.

1874.- Vincent shows little interest in his position at Goupil & Cie and eventually transferred to the Paris branch. Van Gogh goes to London.

1875.- Vincent’s performance at Goupil & Cie deteriorates while his devotion to his bible studies reach an obsessive level. He was a very lonely man.

1876.- After resigning his position, Vincent goes to Ramsgate, England. As Vincent’s religious fervour increase, his physical and mental state take a downturn.

1877.- Vincent leaves England. As with his Goupil & Cie position, Vincent shows little interest and behaves abrasively toward his colleagues and clients. Vincent then pursues religious studies in Amsterdam.
1878.- Vincent goes to the mining region of the Borinage, in Belgium, like lay missionary.

1879.- Van Gogh fails like missionary.

1880.- Vincent initiates his studies of art in the Academy of Brussels

1881.- Vincent comes back from Brussels, back to Holland, to his parents house in Etten..

1882.- Vincent rents a house in la Haya, where he lived with Sien, the prostitute.

1883.- Vincent ends his relationship with Sien and comes back to Drente in northern Holland .

1884.- Vincent moves with his parents in Nuenen, while continuing with his work.

1885.- His father dies in March. Vincent Van Gogh makes art studies in Amberes.

1886.- Vincent arrives unexpectely in Paris, to his brother’s house. He goes to the art classes of Cormon. The conservative, Georges Boulanger is named minister of the War. The operas of Richard Wagner prevail in Paris.

1887.- Joint exhibition with Bernard, Gaugin and Toulouse-Lautrec. Van Gogh starts to paint outdoors. The relation with Gaugin is transformed into friendship. Opening of opera of Otelo, by Giuseppe Verdi.

1888.- In February Vincent goes to Arles, where he stays until 1889. Vincent exposes three paintings in the “Salon des Artistes Indépendants” in Paris. Died his uncle “Cent”. Van Gogh moves to his Yellow House in Arles, which the intention of create a union of artists, “the study of the South” . In June, he travels to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. In March dies the painter Anton Mauve, who Vincent admire very much.. Vincent paints a lot of Sunflowers.
Jack the ripper is never catched after a serial number of murders of prostitutes in London. John Dunlop invents tires for bicycles

1889.-Vincent goes to the Saint-Rèmy Hospital. In the Hospital Vincent copies his own paintings and others. The Eiffel Tower is inaugurated.

1890.- Vincent Van Gogh decides to leave the Saint-Rèmy Hospital. He moves to Auvers-sur-Oise, he gets good friends with Dr. Gachet, who also paints. With him, Vincent learns the technique of the etching. The 27th of July Vincent shot himself with a gun. Two days later he dies because of the serious wounds, accompanied by his brother Theo. Theo passes away seven months after his brother.

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